Rentberry…An ICO That Promises To Change The Future Of Real Estate (Part 2)

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So in my latest article, I made a brief introduction into the structure and business background of Rentberry, a platform that promises to disrupt the long term home rental markets forever.

The last thing we talked about, was crowdsourcing the security deposits, by getting investors to collect 5% on the amount they cover.

Reading through that article again, I think I did not explain exactly how the rewards system would work, what would be the means of payment etc.

(By the way, you can read about that all here:

So, the name of the token is BERRY. That is the coin tenants and landlords will be using for transactions. But that is also the cryptocurrency used for investors to fund the 90% of the security deposit. That is why we are talking about decentralization. Fiat currency is no longer a thing, and BERRY tokens take over the financial part of the story. In fact, here is how sophisticated this company really is: you know how the price of bitcoin jumps up 40% to crash to -20% and then goes back up 100% in a few months? Yea…that is called volatility and volatility is cryptocurrency’s first (and favorite) cousin. People are literally struggling to make transactions (using bitcoin for example) because in a matter of seconds, the price may fluctuate by $200. Rentberry has a reserve of tokens (after the end of the ICO) that will be used to stabilize the market. In other words,  they will be “manipulating” in a good sense the price of the BERRY token, during high (higher than 15%) volatility.

This will allow for the tenants to trust the platform and landlords to be sure that accepting 500 BERRY (for example) means they won’t get a penny less than $2,000. So Rentberry management will be well aware of the volatility and ensure stability on the platform for all.