Should You Invest In ICOs?

Type in that phrase in Google, and I bet you 20 Bitcoin (by the way, that amount couldn’t even buy you a pizza 6 years ago)  that you will find a gazillion articles talking about whether cryptocurrencies are in a bubble or if it’s something here to stay. For the most part, those articles are being controlled by people that have a financial interest. If you talk about large networks such as Bloomberg or The Street, then you are talking about individuals looking to preserve whatever is left from a broken stock market system.

If you look at small “itsy bitsy” blogs like this one (hey, we are doing alright…NOT) then many times it’s just a bunch of people living in their mother’s basement, basing their entire financial futures on the purchase of 0.00001 Bitcoin.

Yes…biased media is the word here. Pretty much anyone has something to gain from writing an article like this (and so do I.) But let’s get to the point: should you invest in ICOs?

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How To Profit From An ICO (And Do Proper Evaluation)

Sadly, tokens are not always securities and for the most part, they are utility tokens (so they don’t represent any percentage of the ownership of a company.) Tokens are not securities and basically you have no saying on the future of the company or any percentage of the revenue they collect. You are betting on a coin, based on the assumption that it will increase in value, because more people will be using it.

As hard as it may seem, that is the beginning and the end of a proper ICO evaluation. I see a ton of coins that are just a means of transactions, in a similar way that people transact using Bitcoin or Litecoin. There are hundreds of these coins, and all have their little extra special feature: but does the world really need ALL of these? I do not think so…

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ICO Road Maps, Worth Anything?

Luckily, I’m getting good feedback on the articles written about cryptocurrencies and I’m still not boring anyone (yay!)

Some questions that have come up in e-mails are, how much can you assess an ICO based on what they promise in the road map. In other words: can you trust the road map or is it just talk?

Guys…that is the million dollar question. If you can answer that, don’t you have the rest figured out?

Anyway, I will try and give you my 2 cents on this matter, and whether you can trust company’s road maps. First things first: do a total evaluation of the company. Look into eye opening reviews only AFTER you have formed your on opinion. Don’t take the lazy route of seeing YouTube videos that are evaluating companies. A lot of those videos are backed by the ICOs themselves, so please do your own research.

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ICO Vision VS Management Expertise

I was thinking the other day, what makes a good ICO: management or company product?

On the one hand, you can have the greatest management in the world, but if the product is mediocre, it won’t really increase value for investors. And then you can have the most innovative and important product or service in the 21st century, but if management sucks, then you are done.

So after getting that statement in my mind, I started playing this stupid debate in my head, trying to figure out if a good product is better than good management and vice versa. Now, of course, we are not talking about a horrible product or horrible management. Just considering that both factors are mediocre. (By the way, it makes sense that you only want ICOs that have both factors checked, but we are just having a fun/stupid debate now.)

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Auctioning Process For Home Rentals (Blockchain)

Have you ever heard of E-bay? Yes, the auctioning platform that always seems to be 10 steps behind Amazon.

What if you had E-bay but for apartments? What if you needed to bid for your apartment and compete for it?

Well…that is precisely the dream Rentberry has to offer. Before all skeptics start climbing in shouting how that will pump up rental prices, please hear me out.

Rentberry is an ICO that wants to change the way people rent apartments/homes, but for the better. If you have ever lived in a crowded city before (San Francisco, New York etc) you know how tough it is to get an apartment at a rate you can afford. So why is Rentberry a good thing?

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Are You Making 0.1% On Your Savings? You Will Like This Blog…

Over $35 trillion in bank accounts, is collecting a whooping 0.1% in their savings account. Doesn’t even keep up with inflation right?

Well, a lot of people for some reason enjoy locking up their money in accounts that collect almost zero in interest and lose value every single year. But what if you could invest your money in something 100X safer than cryptocurrencies?

What if you could get a 5% return on the money you invest, annually? I have spoken a lot about Rentberry as a great ICO people can participate in and expect a good outcome. What I have’t elaborated on much, is the ability to earn approximately 5% on your money (annually) by utilizing your BERRY tokens. Pretty much, anyone will be able to fund the security deposits of tenants.

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Is It Too Late To Jump In The Cryptocurrency Train?

There has been a lot of speculation (what else right?) about whether cryptocurrencies are reaching a peek and whether there really is a ceiling. A huge milestone will be met when the total market cap of cryptocurrencies is at $1 trillion. Until then though, there are a ton of articles – just like this one – that discuss whether cryptocurrencies are reaching a peek.

Around Christmas, there was a beautiful discount in cryptocurrency prices that looked scary for so many people. Basically, a simple holiday pullback that allowed for people to buy in the dip. But again the question is: will Cryptocurrencies ever reach a ceiling as a whole?

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Wall Street And Cryptocurrencies

Anyone that has jumped in on cryptocurrencies, is pretty much against central banks, is sick and tired of governments and banks running things, and is looking to take things in their hands again, right?

Well, anyone is also looking to make money off cryptocurrencies and wherever there is money to be made, you can bet on Wall Street. Bitcoin futures was just the beginning of Wall Street people wanting to get their hands on some of the high returns. Some investment banks have been flying under the radar about their crypto investments. Compared to the billions they are making annually, sponsoring a team of crypto traders with a few million is not a big deal to them. However it is a fact, that more and more firms are getting excited about cryptocurrencies.

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Rentberry…An ICO That Promises To Change The Future Of Real Estate (Part 2)

So in my latest article, I made a brief introduction into the structure and business background of Rentberry, a platform that promises to disrupt the long term home rental markets forever.

The last thing we talked about, was crowdsourcing the security deposits, by getting investors to collect 5% on the amount they cover.

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Rentberry…An ICO That Promises To Change The Future Of Real Estate (Part 1)

Hey guys!

So in my latest article I talked about how there are a bunch of cryptocurrencies out there, seeking to raise money just so they can take off for a vacation in an island in the Caribbeans while smoking Cuban cigars. I also said though, that there are a handful of companies/startups that are serious about changing the way we live our everyday lives and the ways we do business, such as Rentberry.

Let’s break down the benefits and features of the Rentberry project:

It’s really a company that connects Airbnb and Craigslist, only for long term rentals (and utilizing blockchain.) As far as I know, it is the ONLY company out there that is seeking to create a decentralized platform for tenants and landlords. Contracts will be signed online, payments will be made online, and actually the Rentberry platform will also work as an investment platform.

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